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If I Want to Start SI

Training as a Method Supervisor in Supplemental Instruction

Training in the Methodology of Supplemental Instruction is provided at regular intervals as well as by arrangement.

Are you interested in undergoing training and starting up SI in your school or institution? Register your interest for Method Supervisor Training and SI Leader Training on e-mail:

Method Supervisor training gives an in-depth understanding of the SI Method and equips the participants with the tools to introduce/start up and implement the SI programme at their institution or school.

The training utilises an interactive learning method aimed at an in-depth understanding of SI, as well as training in the handling of issues, knowledge of collaborative learning methods, learning strategies and supervisory methods. Training is continuously available upon request. Time: depending on the number of participants, 2-3 days.

Registration of interest can be sent to: For participants from Lund University, please contact the Centre for SI.

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